A unique digital banking experience made for you.

We know that everyone has their priorities, especially when it comes to money. At MONEYAP, we took that understanding to another level to create one-of-a-kind packages that cater to your needs, and the needs of those that depend on you.

Introducing the MONEYAP Store

A marketplace of special financial products that helps you manage your money even better. Visit the YAP store within the app and browse through out innovative products and select the one that suits your needs the best.

Take a look at our products:

YAP Young

(coming soon)

Open a bank account for your children and help empower them financially.

Never worry about your child overspending with their allowance – YAP young gives parents detailed insights into their child’s spending habits. Set allowances and monitor their expenses all-in-one.

Financially empower your children by teaching them how to save for things that matter. YAP young allows you and your child to create savings goals and help them learn the value of their money.

Make earning money fun, educational and most importantly – rewarding! Assign tasks and set missions for your child to complete to get an allowance. Everything from cleaning their rooms, getting good grades or helping load the dishes.

Give your child a taste of financial responsibility with their very own vibrant card that they can use in any way they like! Creating a digital banking account from an early age teaches them the ropes of money management and helps them make intelligent choices with their money.

YAP Household

(coming soon)

Manage your household salaries digitally.

Easily manage and pay for your household help. Never take out cash, set reminders, or track advance payments again - simply set up an account for your household and pay in a click.

Leave managing expenses and receipts to us! YAP household allows you to view all your expenses in a consolidated view and pay for them effortlessly.

We get it. Managing cash can be a hassle. With YAP household, we give control back to the user by offering digital payments. Pay simpler, safer, and quicker.


Make a change and provide a digital banking account to your household! Let those that depend on you feel financial empowerment by letting them experience money management first-hand.