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  • How long does it take to receive a local transfer within Ghana?

    Local transfers can be done and received instantly throughout the day. All transfers are in GHC.

  • What is a MONEYAP contacts transfer?

    MONEYAP contacts transfers are transfers carried out between friends who also use MONEYAP. Click on the MONEYAP contacts transfer button found at the bottom of your app dashboard and select a MONEYAP contact to send or receive money instantly. The maximum amount that you can transfer at one time is GHC20,000. You can do multiple transfers throughout the day.

  • How do I pay my bills?

    You can add and pay all your bills with our bill pay feature! Press ‘YAP it’ on your dashboard, then select ‘pay bills’. From there, you can add, manage, analyze, or pay all your bills at once. Learn how to pay your bills via MONEYAP with our tutorial, here!

  • How can I transfer money through MONEYAP?

    You can make a local transfer within Ghana or international transfers through the app. Click on the main button at the bottom of your app dashboard, where you will find options to transfer within and outside the MONEYAP network.

  • Is it mandatory to mention the purpose of payment?

    Yes, you will need to select a purpose of payment when performing a funds transfer.

  • Can I set up a recurring payment through my MONEYAP account?

    Not yet, but hang tight for updates on all our new features. We will keep you posted about all releases on our website and socials.

  • How do I receive money into my MONEYAP account?

    To receive money into your MONEYAP digital banking account, you need to provide the sender with your account details. You can find this in the More section of the app under account details.

  • Where can I find my BBAN and account number?

    You can find your BBAN and account number under the menu button at the top right of your dashboard and in the more section of your app.

  • How can I add a beneficiary?

    A beneficiary is a contact you set up in your app so you can send money transfers. You can set up a beneficiary by clicking on the main YAPit button on your app dashboard and then clicking on the + sign at the top right of the Send Money screen.

  • Why have I received a lesser amount in my account?

    There are a few reasons why you may have received a lesser amount in your account. There may be charges applied by the beneficiary bank and their corresponding banks. MONEYAP will also charge a small fee for incoming foreign currency paid in GHC. For a list of our fees, please refer to the fee section in the app.

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