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  • How do I request a debit card?

    After you finish creating your MONEYAP mobile banking account, a prompt will appear to arrange the delivery for your free MONEYAP card in-app. You should receive your card within one to two business days. Your MONEYAP card will deliver to the address you provided us while setting up your account.

  • How do I activate my MONEYAP card?

    Once you receive your card, log in to your MONEYAP online digital banking account to activate it – we will send you an SMS notifying you that your PIN is ready to be set. Log in and enter a 4-digit PIN. After your PIN is confirmed, your card will be fully activated and ready to use! If you encounter a problem trying to activate your card, please reach out to our customer support team to further assist you.

  • What benefits do I get with my MONEYAP card?

    Lots! Here are a few:

    • Your MONEYAP card is a free-for-life physical card that is conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep.
    • Your MONEYAP card is a Mastercard – you can use it anywhere in the world!
    • Choose from exclusive designs – from metallic hues to a chic metal card – all packed with exclusive features and benefits.
    • You will never have to ring in a call center for things you can do using the app, like freezing your MONEYAP card or setting limits on where you use it – open your MONEYAP mobile banking app and take total control.

  • Is my MONEYAP card a credit card?

    No, your MONEYAP card is not a credit card. You can use it as a debit or prepaid card – this means that when you make a transaction, the amount gets deducted directly from your account balance.

  • Are MONEYAP cards contactless?

    Yes. Contactless is a payment method that lets you make everyday purchases without having to hand your card over to the cashier and sign a charge slip. Tap your MONEYAP contactless-enabled card in front of a secured card reader, and your purchase is complete!

  • Can I have more than one MONEYAP card?

    Yes, you can. However, only one mobile number can link to a single MONEYAP online digital banking account. You can always order additional virtual cards for your account and make secure online purchases for all your needs.

  • My MONEYAP card shows that it is issued from ADB. I thought my card is from MONEYAP?

    Your card is issued by and provided by ADB who is the Central Bank regulated sponsor for MONEYAP cards. MONEYAP works as a financial technology company and takes care of the customer journey and services in-app.

  • What should I do if my MONEYAP card is damaged or stolen?

    If you have any reason to suspect that your MONEYAP card is lost or stolen, you should immediately report your card as lost, stolen or damaged within the app. If the card remains lost or stolen, you can request a new card via your MONEYAP online digital banking account. Until you receive your new card, we recommend freezing your card with our freeze card feature in-app to keep your account and money safe.

    If your card gets swallowed by an ATM, don’t panic. Immediately block and reorder your card. When you request a new card, your existing card will be blocked and destroyed. You will then receive a replacement card within 1 to 2 business days. Once you receive the new card and activate it in-app, you can MONEYAP again! Please note, that your original card number will change when you replace a card.

  • Can I use my MONEYAP card while travelling?

    Yes. Your MONEYAP card is a fully functioning card and can be used at any merchant (online & offline) or at any point of sales where Mastercard is accepted. You can also take advantage of our multi-currency feature when travelling abroad with a MONEYAP card, offering you the best exchange rates and payments in the local currency and ATM withdrawals.

  • How do I request a card replacement?

    You can reorder a card through the app under the cards section. You should receive your replacement card within 2 to 3 business days. Once you receive your new card and activate it through the app, it is ready to use. Please note, that your original card number will change when you replace a card.

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