YAP with Samsung Pay

Payments made effortlessly

Did you know you can use your YAP card with Samsung Pay to pay in stores, online, and in-app? Make quicker, easier, and safer transactions all through mobile.

Contactless for Convenience

Use your YAP card to make completely contactless payments in a simple tap or all through mobile payments. Just open Samsung Pay, select your YAP card, tap, and go!

Instant transaction notifications

Just like how YAP sends you instant notifications every time you spend, you also get immediate and real-time notifications of your transactions every time you use your YAP card with Samsung Pay.

Security First

Samsung Pay uses Touch ID or Face ID to ensure verifications for all your transactions to ensure your security - keeping your transactions safe from fraud!

Your card, your business

Samsung Pay never gives away any of you or your card details or stores them in your device, meaning your information is always safe.

How to use Samsung Pay with YAP

How to use Samsung Pay with YAP

Adding a YAP card to Samsung Pay is simple. Open your wallet app and tap the plus (+) sign. From the menu, select your YAP card, and your cards details will appear in a flash. Confirm your card and start spending!

Where can I use Samsung Pay?

In stores

Samsung Pay works in any store where contactless payments or NFC payments are accepted. Ask the cashier if Samsung Pay is available. If so, make easy purchases with your YAP card through Samsung Pay.

In apps

Shop and pay within your favorite smartphone apps! Choose Samsung Pay during checkout and complete your purchase using your Samsung phone or device.


YAP is perfect for making purchases online (especially using our virtual cards). Choose Samsung Pay and select your YAP card at checkout. Complete the purchase with your Samsung phone or device.