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The smarter way to bank

Want to open a bank account in under 30 seconds using just your Emirates ID and without leaving your seat? How about an app that’s loaded with data-driven insights to help you not just manage your money better, but own it in its entirety? YAP lets you feel good about spending your money with intelligent notifications, timely reminders and full control.

YAP is digital banking, but smarter.

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With YAP, you get an IBAN that’s issued from RAKBANK and a MasterCard debit card. This means your money is safe, and always will be.


A mobile number and Emirates ID is all you need to start banking with YAP. Download the app and set up in under 30 seconds.


Because banking should be about spending how you want to, YAP doesn’t come with a fee. No hidden charges and no ridiculous markups.


Everything from card features, spending limits and account settings can be controlled directly in-app. We're putting the control back in your hands.

The UAE's first fully digital banking app

Get deeper spending insights

With YAP, you can see exactly how much you spend each month on things like groceries or travel, helping you manage your money better

See the action in real-time

We’ll also show you your transactions – down to location and time – so you know where you spend, without leaving anything to guesswork

Take control in your hands

You’ll never have to ring in a call center for things you can do using the app, like freezing your card or setting limits on where you can use it

Do more with the app

View and pay all your bills using YAP. Whether it’s monthly utilities like your internet or splitting a restaurant bill with friends, YAP has you covered

How it works

Getting started with YAP is incredibly simple:

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You're in good hands

There's a plan for everyone





/per month

An extra card for your primary account, to use as you need.

  • A card for every need

  • Choose a virtual or physical card

  • Give it a nickname

  • Freeze or unfreeze anytime





/per month

A YAP favorite – perk-filled and with 4 colors to pick from!

  • Real-time exchange rates

  • Free ATM withdrawals

  • Travel insurance

  • Priority customer support

  • Airport lounge access

  • Free package subscription





/per month

An exclusive full-metal card offering all of Premium’s features and more.

  • Exclusive partner offers

  • Worldwide free ATM withdrawals

  • Real-time exchange rates

  • Priority customer support

  • Travel insurance

  • Premier airport lounge access

  • Free package subscription