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Banking that goes beyond

The idea for a digital banking app that did more for you than just hold your money came about over dinner one evening, when a group of long-time friends realized how tedious the incumbent process was. It became increasingly clear that banks were lacking basic intuition and they just didn’t feel personal enough. 

YAP was created to make everyday finances simple, just as it should be. 


Why YAP?

As the world moves towards a hyper-digital environment, it’s time you’re offered a banking alternative that keeps up. YAP is a banking app that puts you in control, takes away layers of documentation while promising rock-solid security. 

ourWe focus on the essence of banking – simple transfers, real-time detailed spending notifications and the ability to use your money wherever you are without nasty markups or exchange rates – and then take it a notch further with our cutting-edge technology. 

Our no-frills, no-commitment approach to banking was built so you could feel better about enjoying the finer things in life, like spending on the things you love.

Our values


We’ve put the best technology in place to make your finances work for you the way you want it.


Because security is our top priority, we're registered and regulated in every region we serve.


We’ve made YAP incredibly easy to use so you can focus on better things in life while improving your financial health.


Get access to all products in one place helping make YAP fully personalized to fit your needs.


YAP was built to put you first, so don't hesitate to chat with us or give us a call whenever you need.


Financially-savvy individuals create a better society, and we're here to help you get there.

Our people

A team of expert passion-drivers who believe in better banking, transparency and financial inclusion. Here are the people who make YAP’s values come to life. 

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