The age of digitized enlightenment is here!

Intelligent digital banking in
in the palm of your hands.

Take total control of your finances with MONEYAP’s powerful and innovative digital banking tools – helping you manage your money smarter and easier.

MONEYAP is a financial technology app, not a Bank.

MONEYAP is an innovative digital banking app providing you intelligent tools that give you total control of your finances. Think spending analytics, virtual cards, card-controls, security and much more. Download MONEYAP
and welcome a new world of financial empowerment today. 


MONEYAP gives you a Mastercard debit card supplied with the latest chip technology – meaning your money is safe and secure at all times.


Sign up in seconds. A mobile number and smartphone are all you need to start using MONEYAP.


MONEYAP makes digital banking crystal clear. No hidden fees, and no unfair markups.


We designed MONEYAP to be user-centred giving you the power to customize your profile, personalize your experience and take control.

Ghana’s most innovative digital banking app that encourages healthy spending habits.

Granular Analytics

Get a deeper look into all your spending. Broken down by category and merchant, budgeting just got easier.

Intuitive Card Controls

Instantly freeze your card, or set limits on where you can use it, with a touch of a button.

Bill Payments Simplified

View all your bills in one place. Whether it’s monthly utilities or splitting bills with friends, MONEYAP has you covered.

Real-time Spend Notifications

Receive instant in-app notifications every time you use MONEYAP – down to the location and time.


How it works

In four easy steps, YAP Fintech Ghana Limited makes sure you get the best experience from start to finish.

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